10 Best Mixer Grinder under Rs.3000 in India

Are you planning to buy the best mixer grinder under 3000 rupees in India? Well, then you are at right place.

Mixer Grinder is one of the Kitchen’s most essential appliances. You will save much of the time and physical effort with the ability to perform things like mixing, grinding, and blending.

Best Selling Mixer Grinders under 3000

#1. Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder#2. Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder#3. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder
prestige-iris-mixer-grinderButterfly Smart Mixer Grinderbajaj-rex-mixer-grinder
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There are two kinds of mixer grinder models available in the Indian market- Mixer Grinders and Juicer Mixer Grinders.

In this article, we are going to mention the top 10 best mixer grinders available on the Indian market under the price range of Rs.3000. After reading customer reviews, testing and popularity we carefully picked them up.

10 Top Mixer Grinders to Buy Below 3000

Considering all the factors, here is the list of best Mixer Grinders under Rs.3000 in the Indian market today.

1. Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder (750 Watts)

The Iris model’s 750-watt motor allows for easy and quick blending. The motor architecture makes it suitable for grinding ingredients of heavy-duty foods. Prestige Iris may serve various purposes, ranging from grinding solid ingredients to mixing fruits.

The three stainless steel jars are robust as they have less chances of developing rust. Compared to plastic ones you find in other rival products, it’s easy to wash and clean those bottles.

The sturdy stainless steel blades are designed to perfectly blend and grind. The juicer container is made from high-quality plastic. This product comes with durable plastic handles that are easy to grasp.

Prestige Iris has an attractive design with perfectly placed knobs to allow you to control the speed of operation easily.

Prestige meets all health standards when producing its goods. If not properly locked this product will not start.

  • Sturdy engine
  • Ergonomically made steel jars with sturdy plastic handles
  • Able to grind nearly all foodstuffs
  • There is a burning-like smell during initial use but it vanishes after a while

2. Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder (750 Watts)

Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder

Butterfly appliances are popular throughout India, especially the country’s southern states. Butterfly Smart 750-watt mixer grinder, this product ticks all boxes of durability, design, output, protection and power consumption.

The razor-sharp stainless steel blades ensure your vegetables are chopped and the other food ingredients are precisely grinded. The dry grinding blades are perfect as they can grind ingredients like pepper, turmeric and cardamom in a matter of minutes to powder.

The user-friendly 3-speed knob allows you to adjust the rotational speed according to the ingredients inside the jar you place.

The whipping feature helps you to run the mixer with a single touch at full power, ensuring you get smooth chutneys and milkshakes with lip-smacking.

The durable plastic handle has grooves to ensure it is not sliding when you’re holding them. These jars come with a transparent lid that will allow you to peep inside while the appliance works.

  • Better performance
  • Good looks
  • Extended Motor Warranty
  • Little bit noisy

3. Bajaj Rex Mixer and Grinder (500 Watts)


Bajaj is a brand famous for the manufacture of quality appliances. This Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder is a durable kitchen appliance made of high-grade stainless steel that is rustproof.

The vacuum feet help keep this appliance in place while the powerful motor continues its task of grinding the toughest food ingredients. The good feature of this motor is the existence of the defence against overload to protect it during power surges or fluctuations.

This mixer grinder comes with multifunctional blades to provide you with the best purees and chutneys.

  • The 1.2-litre liquidizing jar is suitable for wet grinding, while the 0,8-liter dry grinding jar can account for the hardest ingredients such as turmeric, roasted coffee seeds and pepper.
  • The 0.3-litre chutney container is great for coconut and spice grinding to make delicious chutney.

The Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder is a winner on appearance front with its LED indicator, rust-proof body, and multifunction blade system all the way around. The ABS plastic body, which is highly durable, is corrosion-proof and has a shiny appearance to enhance your kitchen look.

  • High quality, reliable production over the years
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust body, and appealing build
  • Little bit noisy

4. Maharaja Whiteline Livo MX-151 Mixer Grinder (500 Watts)

maharaja whileline mixer grinder

In the northern and western states of India, maharaja mixers and grinders are more popular compared to the southern states. Today, Maharaja Whiteline MG Livo Mixer Grinder ranks as one of India’s best mixer grinders.

The MG Livo comes with a 500-watt heavy-duty motor to prepare the best chutneys using the hardest-to-grind ingredients such as tamarind, turmeric, pepper and other spices.

Because of its excellent features such as pulse, overload safety and speed control, the mixer grinder is a healthy one to use. The flexible jars fitted with sharp blades make all types of grinding, blending, and liquidizing work simple.

This appliance comes with three different sizes of jars to suit the varied needs, such as dry grinding, wet grinding, mixing, etc.

The machine’s nature is a lightweight one, whereby it doesn’t take much room in the kitchen. The body, made of high-grade plastic is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Renowned brand name
  • High-quality body with user-friendly controls
  • Super sharp blades to ensure smooth grinding and blending
  • Operation is a little bit noisy

5. Eveready Glowy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Eveready Glowy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Eveready is another Indian brand, known and trusted at an affordable price for their quality products. Eveready’s Glowy Mixer Grinder no exception-it comes at a lower price (i.e. below 2000). Isn’t this gorgeous …?

This mixer grinder is fitted with 500Watt power motor is suitable enough for handling tasks for 3 to 4 member family. The clear operations and high efficiency can allow you to perform operations of blending, mixing and liquidating with utmost ease.

The drug is ideal for mixing, juicing, grating, chutney, mincing and wet grinding activities. This unit comes with 3 jars of varying size. The blades attached to these jars are made of high-quality in-oxidable steel.

Eveready glowy mixer grinder comes with a sleek, elegant, and compact design that fits into any type of kitchen interiors. Being lightweight, it doesn’t take much counter space in your kitchen. The manufacturer equipped this product with drain cuts that make it easy to clean, even in the case of spillages.

  • Compact, stylish and sleek
  • ABS Inox Steel
  • Three-Speed Controls
  • Easy to clean and manage
  • A little bit noisy

6. Morphy Richards Superb Mixer Grinder (500 Watts)


Morphy Richards Superb guarantees that you will have up to 30 minutes of immaculate function which is all that anyone could need to make day by day errands. Morphy Richards Superb has a powerful 500-watt engine.

Morphy Richards Superb Mixer grinder has tough body components which shield without any preparation and rust. Totally Morphy Richards Superb Mixer grinder is a great choice to buy from.

It is a long-lasting and durable appliance, useful for small and large families in addition. It is fitted with a 500Watt heart motor to conduct functions for 30 minutes with ease and immaculacy.

It comes with 3 jars – 1.5Ltr.jar to liquidate, 1 Ltr. Wet and dry grinding bump with, 0.4 Ltr. Pan used for chutney production. It has 3-speed settings, with a 180-degree development range of inches office. Ergonomically designed handles allow you to grasp open.

  • Heatproof as well as shockproof body
  • Motos overheating protection
  • Suitable for dry & wet grinding
  • Blades are made of plastic

7. Prestige Stylo Mixer Grinder (750 Watts)

prestige stylo mixer grinder

This Prestige 750-Watts Mixer Grinder model is one of India’s finest juicer mixer grinders. This model, as the name suggests, comes with a stylish Grinder that takes care of grinding tasks easily. It is the popular mixer grinder under 3000 in India.

It handles every need for grinding, from easy to rough, producing delicious meals and chutneys for refreshment. 750 Watts heavy-duty motor is strong enough to perform grinding applications without any problems.

For getting the straight picture about the features of this Mixer Grinder, you should search the feedback various users have posted for this model on online pages. The water drainage option given in the stainless steel jars is the option that has never been seen in this price range.

For user safety purposes the Prestige Stylo comes with a unique Fail-Safe Coupler. The jar and their handles are designed with high-quality sturdy materials and stainless steel of premium food grade. The mixer grinder comes with a Jar-Safety Lock feature i.e. the motor will not start if the jar is not properly locked or fitted to the engine which gives you a head up.

  • Powerful 750-watt motor
  • Easy to use and move
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Elegant design
  • Little bit noisy

8. Bajaj GX-1 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

The Bajaj GX-1 sports a sleek, modern style. It is made of hard and rust-free plastic which gives the mixer a firmness. The 500 W engine is extremely energy efficient. It also has overload protection and an auto-shutoff feature.

This provides the motor with durability and extends its life. The GX1 comes with three pots – a liquefying pot, a dry grind pot, and a chutney jar. The jars are made from food-grade stainless steel and are well designed.

The super sharp stainless steel blades are multifunctional, and can be counted on to perform all dry or wet mixing and grinding jobs.

In our use we found that at most tasks the mixer grinder was sufficient, although at times the 500 W motor felt underpowered. Unground fruit chunks were very frequently noticed. The motor could also get really noisy on occasion.

The Bajaj GX-1 is a sensible buy for the moderate user who is seeking a competitively priced offer that checks most boxes and is light on the pocket.

  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Sturdy quality build
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Budget friendly
  • A little bit noisy

9. Havells Genie Mixer Grinder (500 Watts)

havells genie mixer grinder

This genie mixer grinder is powered by a 500-watt heavy-duty motor that can provide smooth output for you. It features three-speed settings which allow you to change the spin according to various food items.

A mixer grinder set ‘s performance hinges a lot on its blades. The blades were made of stainless steel which makes them robust and resistant to rust.

The blades have been ergonomically designed making grinding and mixing tasks effortless. All three jars are made of stainless steel which not only makes them resistant to corrosion but also makes them sturdy.

This Havells mixer grinder comes in with three jars. All the jars were made of stainless steel which not only makes them resistant to corrosion but also makes them sturdy.

Lids are essential for jars inside a mixer grinder set. The jars in this Havells set feature lids that keep the mixture from spreading outside and also protect it from pollutants from outside.

  • 304 graded stainless steel blades
  • 500-watt motor
  • Installed overload protector
  • Inoxidable steel jars
  • No cons are there

10. Havells Sprint Mixer Grinder

havells sprint mixer grinder

This Havells mixer grinder is another best mixer grinder under 3000 which comes with three jars. All three jars were made of stainless steel which not only makes them resistant to corrosion but also makes them robust.

It is essential that the speed of a mixer grinder can be regulated since different food items require different procedures. This Havells kitchen appliance has three-speed settings, which you can seamlessly navigate between with its dial.

You can keep that mixer grinder anywhere without having to face any problem. It comes with a stable base with anti-slip grips preventing it from moving from any vibration that could occur while the grinding or mixing process is underway.

Lids are essential for jars inside a mixer grinder set. The jars in this Havells set feature lids that keep the mixture from spreading outside and also protect it from pollutants from outside.

  • Stainless steel Blades
  • Stylish body
  • Budget-friendly
  • 5-year motor warranty
  • No cons are there

Mixer Grinder under 3000 – Buying GUIDE

When you want to get a mixer grinder, there are some aspects you should consider.

Type of Mixer Grinder

You need to know exactly what a mixer grinder is for. You do need to learn the primary function the mixer grinder plays. Then you can decide whether to opt for a grinder juicer mixer or a grinder mixer.

Number and size of jars

You need to know the size you want for the mixer grinder. If you live with many people in a family then you should opt for a heavy-duty mixer grinder with large jars.

The more the jars in a mixer grinder, the more their functions, so go for a mixer grinder that has lots of jars in it. For wet and dry grinding a mixer grinder usually comes with two different jars.

Speed Levels

You should consider opting for a mixer grinder which will give you different speed levels. This is because you can operate the mixer grinder at various speeds with multiple speed levels which will result in an all-round output.

Getting a mixer grinder with varying speeds allows you to grind soft food at low speeds, then grind hard food at higher speeds.


For a typical Indian kitchen, a mixer grinder with a capacity of 500 watts suffices. But if you live in a big household, then you should consider getting a mixer grinder that has 750 watts of power as it allows you to grind more food ingredients in a single jar.

Final Words

Now you have different choices to choose from among the best mixer grinder under 3000 in India.

It is up to you to choose which mixer you want for your kitchen. Amazon offers a range of various mixer grinders. We’ve listed the best to help you choose the one that meets your needs.